Start getting better today! The soothing natural voices of plants benefit body and mind

Start getting better today! The soothing natural voices of plants benefit body and mind

Start improving immediately today with this audio-video bringing together the soothing natural voices of plants that can bring countless health benefits to the body and mind.

The purpose of this video is to be able to give your body and mind immediate relaxation, to feel good, and to feel better. Feel the best version of yourself again, start rebuilding your well-being, invigorate your body and awaken your mind. You will immediately feel the benefits of natural sound waves, increase the healing effect of this video by enjoying it in an environment with soft lighting and no noise, better listen to it with headphones or earphones to get the maximum benefit from these healing sounds.

Start now to feel better!

The soothing natural voices of plants benefit body and mind | Start getting better today!

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El propósito de este video es poder brindar a su cuerpo y mente una relajación inmediata, sentirse bien y sentirse mejor. Vuelve a sentir la mejor versión de ti mismo, empieza a reconstruir tu bienestar, vigoriza tu cuerpo y despierta tu mente. Inmediatamente sentirá los beneficios de las ondas sonoras naturales, aumente el efecto curativo de este video al disfrutarlo en un ambiente con iluminación suave y sin ruido, mejor escúchelo con audífonos o audífonos para obtener el máximo beneficio de estos sonidos curativos.

Le but de cette vidéo est de pouvoir donner à votre corps et à votre esprit une relaxation immédiate, de se sentir bien et de se sentir mieux. Ressentez à nouveau la meilleure version de vous-même, commencez à reconstruire votre bien-être, revigorez votre corps et réveillez votre esprit. Vous ressentirez immédiatement les avantages des ondes sonores naturelles, augmenterez l’effet de guérison de cette vidéo en l’appréciant dans un environnement avec un éclairage doux et sans bruit, mieux l’écouter avec un casque ou des écouteurs pour tirer le meilleur parti de ces sons de guérison.

Der Zweck dieses Videos ist es, Körper und Geist sofort zu entspannen, sich gut zu fühlen und sich besser zu fühlen. Fühle wieder die beste Version von dir selbst, beginne dein Wohlbefinden wieder aufzubauen, belebe deinen Körper und erwecke deinen Geist. Sie werden sofort die Vorteile natürlicher Schallwellen spüren, die Heilwirkung dieses Videos steigern, indem Sie es in einer Umgebung mit sanfter Beleuchtung und ohne Rauschen genießen. Hören Sie es besser mit Kopfhörern oder Kopfhörern, um den maximalen Nutzen aus diesen Heilungsgeräuschen zu ziehen.

Lo scopo di questo video è quello di riuscire a donare al corpo e alla mente un rilassamento immediato, per sentirsi bene e per sentirsi meglio. Senti di nuovo la versione migliore di te stesso, inizia a ricostruire il tuo benessere, rinvigorisci il tuo corpo e risveglia la tua mente. Sentirai subito i benefici delle onde sonore naturali, aumenterai l’effetto curativo di questo video godendolo in un ambiente con luci soffuse e nessun rumore, meglio ascoltarlo con cuffie o auricolari per ottenere il massimo beneficio da questi suoni curativi.

Thanks for watching the video and please comment below to let us know what you like about the videos, and if there’s anything we can do to make you feel better. We regularly publish new videos for meditation, mind, and body relaxation, so be sure to subscribe to channel updates to not miss new videos.

This video is intended for sleeping, relaxation, stress relief, mind-calming, studying, working, coding, focusing, and possibly other positive applications such as meditation and concentration.

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What to eat, what to avoid, what is the right bodywork for you, which is the most suitable meditation technique for you, how to take care of yourself the natural way, the secret mantras to suit your needs – everything you can think of is right here.

The ancient Indian “science of life” called Ayurveda explains that human beings, like the universe, are made up of each of the five elements (air, space, fire, water, and earth) and the Soul. Therefore, our bodies are a microcosm of the universe within itself.

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