The Healing Power and Natural Frequencies from the Celestial Bodies closest to us | Moon and Sun

The Healing Power and Natural Frequencies from the Celestial Bodies closest to us | Moon and Sun

By definition, a celestial body is any natural body outside the earth’s atmosphere. Easy examples are the Moon, the Sun, and the other planets in our solar system, and this is what everyone knows. What many do not know, however, is that these celestial bodies emit waves and frequencies that are beneficial for human beings.

Who doesn’t feel good in the warm rays of the sun? Who can’t find peace watching the full moon on a starry night? Who does not find well-being in front of a sunrise or a sunset? Exactly, the waves and frequencies emitted by these celestial bodies give well-being to man, stimulate the human body and transmit good sensations. Not to mention the influence they have on the Earth and all its inhabitants, from tides to wolves, from bees to snakes, in short, everyone, insects, mammals, reptiles, and all the others also benefit from the influence of the sun and moon.

So here is a video for you that captures a beautiful sunrise in time-lapse and that associates the sounds of the frequencies emitted by the Sun and the Moon, reinterpreted by one of our musicians. Find vigor, peace, and well-being with this stimulating and healing video. Happy relaxation my friend!

The Healing Power and Natural Frequencies from the Celestial Bodies closest to us | Moon and Sun

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Some people use our passionate video to study as this music is perfect ambient music to help you to concentrate. These music and sounds are ideal atmospheres for study, working, relaxing as it is soothing music.

Our music is deep, you won’t find any more so around, and it can be used as healing music or for yoga, spa, stress relief, mindfulness, sleep or just to relax and enjoy. Listening to this music of natural sounds means enjoying the beneficial moments of relaxing music – the music allows you to relax in the same way as guided meditation. The soothing music of the flute offers peaceful music with which to switch off, relax and unwind.

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This video is intended for sleeping, relaxation, stress relief, mind-calming, studying, working, coding, focusing, and possibly other positive applications such as meditation and concentration.

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